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What are saddle stools?

Saddle stools have a saddle shaped seat that can help you achieve the correct ergonomic seating position to improve your posture and help with backaches. Sitting on saddle stools will be more comfortable and beneficial in the long run.

Saddle stools are used by healthcare workers, like dentists and surgeons, as they sit for an extended period of time when performing treatments throughout their work day. Saddle stools are also great for office workers as they spend a lot of time in a seated position.

Saddle Stools we offer

We stock a wide range of saddle stools from several brands with different specifications and functions that you can choose from to meet your needs.

Sitting on saddle stools can help to achieve the correct seated position so you can improve your posture and soothe backache.

Majority of the upholstry in our saddle stools collection is made out of leather. However, one of our brands, Salli, has options of artificial leather, antimicrobial and breathable fabric, or wool fabric. The castors can also be changed depending on the surface of the floor in your work environment.

How do they work?

The saddle stools can be fitted depending on the height of the user. It is also adjustable for your comfort. Saddle stools are also equipped with castors, making it easier to move around.

The Saddle stools are intended to improve your posture by alleviating strain through the benefits of ergonomic designs, especially for those who are required to be seated for day to day tasks .

Discover the Best Saddle Stools from All Top Brands!

Our collection of saddle stools offers options for everyone. Prices range from £97.99 to £1,086.

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