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Finding the Perfect Sitting Aid: Enhance Comfort and Posture

Finding the Perfect Sitting Aid: Enhance Comfort and Posture

We frequently find ourselves sitting for extended amounts of time in today's fast-paced environment, whether at work, home, or while travelling. Sitting for extended periods of time can cause discomfort, bad posture, and even health problems. This is the point at which selecting the appropriate sitting assistance becomes crucial. These tools are intended to improve comfort, encourage proper posture, and lessen the strain that comes with prolonged sitting. We'll discuss the importance of choosing the best sitting assistance for your needs and wellbeing in this article.

Natutal Living Sitting Aids

1. Sissel Sitfit Plus: The Dynamic Sitting Solution

Combining the advantages of an air-filled balance pad and a sitting wedge, the Sissel Sitfit Plus is an adaptable sitting aid. Because of its ergonomic design, which offers superior thigh support, it's perfect for prolonged sitting sessions without sacrificing active sitting. Without the need for specialized exercises, dynamic and active sitting on the Sitfit Plus helps strengthen back muscles and release tension in the upper body.

Natural Living Sitting Aids Sissel Sitfit Plus

This sitting assist can be used for pelvic floor exercises and improves spinal alignment by encouraging an upright posture. An exercise poster and a pump for customizing pressure are included with the Sitfit Plus. It is appropriate for both adults and teens because it is devoid of latex and phthalates and comes in a variety of colours.

Shop the Sissel Sitfit Plus here.

2. Affinity Saddle Stool: The Orthopedic Solution

The Affinity Saddle Stool is an innovative seating device that encourages proper posture and balance, and it was designed with orthopaedic considerations in mind. The riding position on a horse served as inspiration for the design of this stool, which offers the ideal balance for sitting.

Natural Living Sitting Aids Affinity Saddle Stool

With its smooth gas-lift adjustable height, the saddle stool is suitable for a wide range of users. Its foam padding and ergonomic design keep you comfortable even after long periods of sitting. The Affinity Saddle Stool, which comes with upholstery in black, white, navy blue, or yellow, is a great option for people looking for a seating aid that puts their orthopaedic health first.

Shop the Affinity Saddle Stool here.

3. Sissel Sit Special 2-in-1 Wedge Cushion: The Multi-Functional Companion

This multipurpose Sissel Sit Special 2-in-1 Wedge Cushion is made to reduce pressure on the intervertebral discs and spinal column. It works particularly well following surgery and injuries. This cushion offers great comfort and support since it mixes memory foam with polyurethane foam.

Natural Living Sitting Aids Sissel Sit Special 2-in-1 Wedge Cushion

Two anatomical depressions and a special bridge (saddle) enhance sitting posture and guarantee proper coccyx alignment. For pressure reduction on the sacrum and coccyx, the Sit Special can be worn with or without the memory foam viscoelastic pad. It has a machine-washable velour cover and a non-slip base. This Swedish-made cushion comes with a three-year warranty on dimensional stability and is offered in blue or grey.

Shop the Sissel Sit Special 2-in-1 Wedge Cushion here.

4. Sissel Sit Air: The Dynamic Sitting Companion

An ergonomic wedge with air inflation that promotes active and upright sitting is called the Sit Air by Sissel. It's a great option if you want to upgrade your seat when driving, flying, or using a train.

Natural Living Sitting Aids Sissel Sit Air

With the incorporated air valve, users can modify sitting comfort and mobilization while this wedge promotes gradual activation of the core muscles. Because of its anatomically adjusted form, the Sit Air encourages air circulation and avoids heat pockets. It has a rubberised base for durability and a cover made of black polyester. This ergonomically designed sitting aid offers comfort and support no matter where you sit, making it ideal for use at home, in the vehicle, or in the office.

Shop the Sissel Sit Air here.

Natural Living Choosing The Right Sitting Aid

Selecting the appropriate seating aids can greatly improve your comfort, encourage proper posture, and support your general health, particularly when you are sitting for extended periods of time. Depending on your unique requirements and tastes, the Sissel Sitfit Plus, Affinity Saddle Stool, Sissel Sit Special 2-in-1 Wedge Cushion, and Sissel Sit Air are all great choices to take into consideration. We provide a selection of premium seating aids from Natural Living, THE UK'S #1 Health Practitioner Store, to assist you improve your everyday comfort and posture.

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