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At Natural Living, our Portable Massage Tables are best suited for massage therapists, beauticians and practioners that offer corporate massages,home massage services, physiotherapy, orthopaedics and beauty services like lash installations, brow laminations and aesthetic treatments

Our Portable Massage tables offer a solution for massage therapists and beauty therapists in need of a massage table for their mobile services. These tables are ideal for those that travel from location to location for their services. We currently offer portable massage tables, massage couches, massage chairs and mobile desktop massage support.

Each of the portable massage tables come with different features like adjustable headrest, carry case, face hole, reinforced design, adjustable height and fabric colour or material selection. Each of the portable massage tables are made with different materials such as small cell foam, padding, alluminium frames and upholstry.

the portable massage tables are easy to use and set up with adjustable and ergonomic design that offers comfort to your clients. Our portable Massage tables are ideal for those that offer at home or corporate services that are easy to set up and travel with. There are even options for portable massage tables for those who offer services to pregnant clients.

Our portables massage tables on offer are available from brands like Affinity, Sissel and Master Massage. Prices range from £124 to £540

Discover the Best Portable Massage Tables from Top Brands!

We have a wide range of portable massage tables, accessories and covers, from the UK's top brands, delivery within 1-3 business days.

Top 10 Features to Look for in a Portable Massage table

1. Portability: Portable massage tables are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for mobile therapists or practitioners who need to offer treatments in various locations.

2. Adjustable Height: Most portable massage tables come with adjustable height settings, allowing therapists to customize the table's height to accommodate different clients and treatment modalities.

3. Sturdy Construction: Despite their lightweight design, portable massage tables are constructed from durable materials such as aluminium or hardwood, ensuring stability and support during treatments.

4. Comfortable Padding: Quality portable massage tables feature thick, high-density foam padding with plush upholstery to provide superior comfort for clients while lying down for extended periods.

5. Foldable Design: Portable massage tables typically feature a foldable design that allows them to be compactly folded and stored when not in use, saving space and making them easy to transport.

6. Adjustable Face Cradle: Many portable massage tables come with an adjustable face cradle that can be positioned to comfortably support the client's head and neck during treatments.

7. Detachable Armrests: Some portable massage tables feature detachable armrests that can be easily removed to accommodate different treatment positions or client preferences.

8. Carrying Case: To facilitate transport and storage, portable massage tables often come with a carrying case or bag that provides protection and convenience when moving the table from one location to another.

9. Accessory Ports: Some portable massage tables come equipped with accessory ports or outlets for attaching additional accessories such as side arm extensions, bolster cushions, or heating pads.

10. Weight Capacity: Despite their lightweight design, portable massage tables are designed to support a significant amount of weight, with weight capacities ranging from 500 to 800 pounds or more, depending on the model.

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