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Ergonomic Office Chairs provide support to anyone sitting for extended periods of time and tend to experience discomfort, back pain or neck pain. Ergonomic Office chairs are designed for individuals or employees of any business like Call Centre Agents, Beauty Therapists, Administrators or Graphic Designers.

We offer a wide range of ergonomic office chairs for you to choose from. Find an option that is ideal for your daily use and to improve sedentary behaviour that cause discomfort and bad posture.

Our chairs offer different features like castors, are height adjustable, various colours to choose and are constructed with materials like stainless steel or aluminium frames and leather, artificial leather and mesh. Some also have additional accessories like foot rings, arm rests, gas lights and reclining capabilities.

Our range offers ergonomic office chairs from trusted brand like Salli, HAG, Viasit, Support Design, Teknik office and more! Shop our collection today with prices starting £99.

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Our collection of ergonomic office chairs has options for everyone. With prices that range from £99 to £1,165

Features to look for when buying ergonomic office chairs

When you spend long hours sitting at a desk, it can be more comfortable if you use an ergonomically designed chair. Such a chair helps maintain good posture and reduces stress on your lower back. Different types of ergonomic office chairs are available in the market, ranging from conventional chairs to innovative designs like knee chairs and saddle stools. To choose the right chair for your needs, here are some key features to consider:

  1. Armrest: A conventional office chair usually has an armrest. If you opt for a chair with armrests, ensure they are at the right height to relax your shoulders. Also, ensure your forearms don't rest on the armrests while typing.
  2. Swivel: Most conventional office chairs have this feature so users can reach different areas of their desks without straining.
  3. Adjustable seat: An adjustable height ensures you sit at the right height. This helps keep your feet flat on the floor while your thighs are horizontal.
  4. Lumbar support: A chair with lumbar support helps to prevent slouching and strain on the lower spine. An ergonomic chair should have an inward curve for lower back support.
  5. Seat material: The proper padding and breathable fabric upholstery will provide extra comfort while sitting.

Remembering these features will help you choose the correct ergonomic chair.

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