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Massage chair is used by therapists for wellness practioners for seating their clients for treatment whether it be for body aches or stiffness issues, physiotherapy or orthopedic issues. Massage chair can be used by wellness clinics, therapy centers, physiotherapists, orthopedic clinics or mobile therapists.

Natural Living stocks a selection of massage chair from office massage chair to portable on site massage chairs and even desktop massage support options. Portable massage chair offer telescopic legs for adjustable height, they can way as little as 7kg and support up to 21 stones. The desktop massage support option massage chair weigh as little as 4kg and can be folded and stored flat. Desktop massage chair support is an option for patients who can't lay down, these have adjustable chest support angles and weigh as little as 2.8kg. Each cushion on a massage chair is moveable and adjustable to be personalized to each client.

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We have a wide range of portable massage chairs, accessories and covers, from the UK's top brands, delivery within 1-3 business days.

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Explore our range of supplies and products that are a perfect for your treatments while using your portable massage chairs. This includes massage oils, lotions, aromatherapy oils, essential oils and massage therapist accessories.

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We are the UK's No.1 Online Health Practitioner Store and have 25 years experience with all types of massage tables. All our massage tables are branded and naturally include full customer support for the life of your table. Still the original and best massage table store in the UK