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Health Benefits of Sitting on a Saddle Seat

Health Benefits of Sitting on a Saddle Seat

Welcome and thanks for visiting Natural Living, the UK's leading source for holistic health solutions, which includes a wide selection of massage tables, supplies, room dividers, and therapeutic equipment. We're thrilled to explore the many health advantages of saddle seats in more detail in this informative blog, highlighting how they can drastically improve your wellbeing.

Understanding the Benefits of Saddle Seats

Adopting a distinctive posture while sitting on a saddle seat can have a significant impact on your health and energy levels. Let's take a closer look at all the advantages:

Ideal Spinal Alignment

The 135-degree angle that results from saddle seating is one of the main benefits for the spine and pelvis. By more uniformly distributing body weight, this posture lessens the strain on the lumbar discs and lowers the likelihood of back pain and damage. Saddle seats provide improved posture and spinal health by preserving the spine's natural curvature, which promotes long-term wellbeing.

Enhanced Circulation

One of saddle seating's main advantages is that it can improve the body's lymph and blood circulation. Saddle seats increase blood oxygen levels and aid in the body's effective elimination of toxins by promoting efficient circulation. Enhanced vitality, elevated energy, and an enhanced sense of general wellness are all correlated with improved circulation.

Enhanced Muscular Engagement

Using a saddle seat promotes active sitting, which calls for little adjustments and movements to stay balanced. This dynamic sitting experience works the muscles in the lower back, thighs, and pelvis in addition to the core. Saddle seats reduce muscular atrophy and over time improve muscle tone and strength by encouraging muscular engagement.

Reduction of Strain Points

Saddle seats, in contrast to regular chairs, have an opening or gap in the middle that relieves strain on delicate spots like the coccyx and perineum. Saddle seating minimises pain and lowers the chance of pressure-related problems like numbness, tingling, and nerve compression by more evenly distributing body weight across the seat.

Natural Living Reduction of Strain Points with Saddle Seats

Comparable Health Advantages of Saddle Seating

Comparing the advantages of saddle seats, let's examine how this cutting-edge seating option can completely transform the way you sit:

Encouragement of Good Posture

By supporting the pelvis' and spine's natural curves, saddle seating encourages good posture. This ergonomic design provides long-lasting comfort and support during extended sitting sessions by preventing postural imbalances, muscle strain, and spinal problems.

Improved Pelvic Health

Saddle seating encourages improved pelvic alignment and discourages the development of pressure points by giving the pelvic area plenty of room and support. This benefits those who are predisposed to pelvic floor problems in particular by improving pelvic health, reducing discomfort, and improving general well-being.

Natural Living Improved Pelvic Health with Saddle Seats

Better Blood Circulation

A saddle seat promotes a balanced distribution of body weight, which eases strain on the lower back, knees, and hips. Sitting in this ideal position improves blood circulation, which in turn improves oxygen delivery to tissues and speeds up the removal of toxins. People feel more energetic and have better cognitive performance all day long as a result.

Enhanced Core Activation

Saddle seating's dynamic sitting promotes core engagement by promoting small movements and balance-maintaining changes. This continual stimulation of core muscles strengthens the abdominal muscles, improves posture, and maintains spinal alignment, contributing to long-term musculoskeletal health and general vitality.

Saddle Seating: Unlock Your Potential for Well-Being

Making your posture and seating comfort a priority can have a significant positive impact on your overall health and energy, regardless of whether you choose for a conventional saddle seat or an alternative creative saddle seating option. Saddle seating can revolutionize your everyday routine by providing better circulation, superior sitting posture, and increased muscle engagement. We at Natural Living are here to help you on your path to a more balanced, healthy living. We provide a carefully chosen range of ergonomic solutions and saddle seats. Select saddle seating to start your journey toward complete wellbeing right now!

Here Are Our Top Picks For Your Saddle Seating Needs:

1. Salli Light Saddle Stool 

Salli Light has all the good qualities of a two-part saddle seat. The chair is light and provides great ergonomics at an affordable price. This chair can be further customised based on your needs from the base height, upholstery material, and castors type.

Key Features:

  • Single black polyurethane piece with a groove in the middle
  • Comes with a fabric seat cover (black, grey or red)
  • Black medium gas spring and plastic base
  • Three Different Gas Lift Heights:
    • SHORT for people up to 155cm tall
    • MEDIUM for people 150-170cm tall
    • LONG for people over 165cm tall
  • Maximum load 100kg
  • Weight: 5.9kg
  • Warranty: 10 years 


2. Berkeley Split Seat Saddle Chair

Enjoy unparalleled ergonomic comfort with our Berkeley Split Seat Saddle Chair. The 'Split Seat Style' design of this chair adheres to body mechanics principles to provide ideal support for extended durations of sitting.

Natural Living Berkeley Split Seat Saddle Chair

The balance and comfort of these seats are noticeably different from regular saddle chairs.

Key Features:

  • Split Seat Style: Ideal for prolonged periods of sitting.
  • Saddle Seat Design: Reduces discomfort by relieving strain on the spine and back.
  • Pneumatic Height Range: For individual comfort, adjusts from 53 to 71 cm.
  • Soft Polyurethane Wheels: Easily rolls over carpets and wooden surfaces.
  • The aluminum five-star base adds stability and comfort.
  • Over time, 5cm Small Cell Foam provides exceptional comfort and support.
  • Sturdy Foam Cushioning System: molded to the seat foundation permanently to provide long-lasting quality.
  • Hypoallergenic Upholstery: oil- and CFC-free, waterproof, and hygienic.

3. Plinth Premium Saddle Chair

The Plinth Premium Saddle Chair provides outstanding support and comfort, making it perfect for medical settings where extended sitting is prevalent.

Natural Living Plinth Premium Saddle Chair

This chair is designed to encourage good posture, and it comes in regular and backrest-supported varieties to meet your individual requirements.

Key Features:

  • Premium Saddle Chair: 48-59 cm height range; standard model.
  • Optimal sitting posture for prolonged periods of time is encouraged by Corrective Posture Design.
  • The ability to tilt the seat improves comfort and posture for individualised support.
  • An optional backrest might offer extra assistance during extended periods of sitting.
  • For high models, a fitted foot support ring adds comfort and stability.
  • Foot Height Control Option: For convenience, allows height change without using your hands.

4. Plinth Premium Saddle Chair with Backrest Support

Our Plinth Premium Saddle Chair Series is made to match the exacting standards of medical settings, where prolonged sitting is typical. It provides unmatched comfort and support.

Natural Living Plinth Premium Saddle Chair with Backrest Support

You can anticipate excellent ergonomic design and long-lasting quality whether you pick with the normal model or the one with a backrest.

Key Features:

  • Range of Height: 48–59 cm
  • Designed for medical settings where extended periods of sitting are typical.
  • reduces strain and tiredness by offering additional back support during prolonged sitting sessions.
  • Featuring a seat tilt feature for individualised comfort and placement.
  • For increased stability, high models come with a fitted foot support ring.
  • Convenient "hands-free" height adjustment is made possible with the foot height control option.
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