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Discover Comfort and Relief: Natural Living's Range of Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Discover Comfort and Relief: Natural Living's Range of Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Sitting for prolonged periods, especially at certain angles, isn't what our bodies are designed for. This often leads to discomfort and back pain. But fear not, there's a solution: the kneeling chair, also known as a knee chair or posture chair. It's a creative ergonomic answer to back pain caused by poor posture.

Bad seating is a significant contributor to back pain woes. Additionally, prolonged poor posture can exacerbate these issues. However, the ergonomic kneeling chair offers a remedy. By positioning you upright, it automatically improves your posture, conforming to the natural s-shape of your spine. Furthermore, this adjustment ensures that gravitational pressure evenly distributes across all discs, alleviating excessive strain on the lower back and promoting relief from lower back pain.

Putnams Coccyx Memory Foam Kneeling Chair

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs Options

At Natural Living, we understand the importance of ergonomic design, adjustability, and style in kneeling chairs. Therefore, we take pride in stocking a variety of options suitable for different body types and sizes. Our kneeling chairs are perfect for anyone experiencing back pain and poor posture. They're designed to open up your hips, engage your core, and alleviate pressure on your back that traditional office chairs may cause.

Ergo Posture Kneeling Chair

Among our offerings are the Ergo Posture kneeling chair, kneeling stool, and memory foam kneeling chair. The Putnams kneeling chair stands out for its suitability for long periods of sitting. Its lack of back support forces your core muscles to engage, promoting active sitting while you work.

Adjustable in height and seat distance, our ergonomic kneeling chairs offer personalized comfort and support. The Ergo Posture Kneeling chair, featuring four easy-glide castors and a solid wood frame, is our bestseller. Furthermore, its design encourages correct sitting posture and distributes weight evenly, ensuring relaxed comfort.

The Putnams Memory Foam Kneeling Chair, with its Visco Memory foam top layer and Beech natural wood frame, provides cushioning and support, promoting improved pressure distribution.

The unique features of kneeling chairs induce balanced movement, nourish spinal discs, enhance posture, and reduce pressure on spinal vertebrae and diaphragm. Moreover, they also relieve tension, improve breathing capacity, and boost alertness, fostering a genuine sense of poise and equilibrium.

Discover our range of kneeling chairs, including the Teknik Office Ergo Posture Kneeling Chair, Affinity Kneeling Stool, and various Putnams models. Prices range from £110.00 to £449.26, ensuring there's an option for every budget. Make the switch to a healthier sitting experience with Natural Living's kneeling chairs today.

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