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The Beauty Bed: An Equipment Essential

The Beauty Bed: An Equipment Essential

The beauty bed is often an unknown essential in beauty treatments. However, it is a crucial part of the overall beauty treatment experience. Many treatments require clients to lie down for extended periods, so beauticians and technicians prioritise finding a durable and comfortable bed. High-quality beauty beds are built to last, ensuring that any beautician or technician gets the best out of their investment to offer beauty services and treatments to clients.

A beauty bed is perfect for beauticians and technicians starting their own business or for larger salon and spa businesses. If you offer services like lash extensions, brow tints, waxing treatments, facial treatments, or hair removal treatments, finding the best bed is essential.

SkinMate Darcy Electric Beauty Bed in grey

Natural Living offers a beauty bed option for every beautician. With a variety to choose from, look no further. Find a bed that fits your needs and requirements. Whether you need an electric or hydraulic bed, comfort, durability, lightweight for portability, or a design that matches your spa or salon, shop our range today.


When choosing a beauty bed, comfort is key. Your client is likely to select a treatment that requires a timeframe of 30 minutes or more, so ensuring they are comfortable throughout the treatment is crucial. Many clients seek a relaxing experience, so a comfortable bed enhances the overall experience.


Purchasing a beauty bed is an investment in your business. Selecting a bed with a stable and strong frame ensures longer use of your equipment. Easy-to-clean upholstery saves time, especially when spills occur. Consider purchasing a bed cover for added upholstery protection.


Choosing a design is essential. Consider the aesthetic of the beauty bed and ensure it suits your spa or salon aesthetic. Pay attention to dimensions to ensure it fits well and allows space to move around. If space is limited, opt for a bed with built-in storage compartments. Personalization options may also be available for your selected bed.

SkinMate Saturn 3 Motor Electric Couch, Beauty Bed

If you're in the market for your first beauty bed or looking to upgrade, look for frames and bases made of strong metals like steel. Opt for easy-to-clean upholstery such as leather, faux-leather, or vinyl. Ensure components like fittings for electric motors or hydraulic height adjusters meet your needs.

A beauty bed is designed with treatments and beauticians in mind. They are easy to use, durable, and come in materials that are easy to maintain, lasting throughout treatments and frequent use.

At Natural Living, you can find beauty beds from brands like REM, Affinity, and Skinmate. Choose from options such as SkinMate Saturn 3 Motor Electric Couch, SkinMate Beauty Therapy Salon Chair, Affinity Stellar Hydraulic Beauty Salon Chair, Affinity Helena Spa Couch, REM Arko Salon Massage Table, REM Macys Cosmetic & Brow Hydraulic Recliner Chair, and more.

The price range for our beauty beds ranges from £595 to £3,000. Shop our range today and find a beauty bed that fits your budget.

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