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Overline Duo Radio Frequency Unit

SKU: HOF-1400
Regular price £3,900.00
Unit price

Overline Duo Radio Frequency Unit

SKU: HOF-1400
Regular price £3,900.00
Unit price

This Smart Duo RF machine comes with a multipolar handpiece for the face and body.

Multipolar Radio Frequency Face
This treatment is used to achieve skin rejuvenation. It works by increasing the subcutaneous temperature, causing the denaturation of the Collagen proteins, resulting in a reorganization of the skin tension lines. It also activates the fibroblasts which, following the thermal shock, over time increase the production of Collagen and Elastin with consequent increase in dermis consistency, for a significant lifting effect.

Multipolar Radio Frequency Body
Multipolar RF exploits the characteristics of both monopolar and bipolar methods to bring energy under the skin, plus it has the advantage of focusing the range of action in a single point through the 4-pole system. In this way, higher temperatures can be obtained both on the surface (40C) and in the deeper layers (43C up to 2cm). The multipolar handpiece also allows to operate at lower powers and therefore with relatively longer treatment times without creating discomfort and / or pain for the client.

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