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Pedicure chairs are designed for use in beauty salons and spas during pedicure treatments performed by nail technicians and beauty therapists. There are a few types of pedicure chairs depending on the space including piped in pedicure chairs or pipe-less.


Natural Living has several types of pedicure chairs that meets any space and design requirements. There are also mobile pedicure chairs that work well for spa or beauty salons that have limited space based on the overall layout or premises.

There are three different types of pedicure chairs available at Natural Living including piped in pedicure chairs, non-piped in pedicure chairs and mobile pedicure chairs. The piped in pedicure chairs come as a unit with a basin and need to be connected with a plumbing system. The non-piped in pedicure chairs do not require to be connected to the plumbing system while the mobile pedicure chairs can be moved in different areas of your spa. A selection of the pedicure chairs are customisable to fit the business aesthetic.

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