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Lashes are currently the rising star of the beauty market. With each installation and fill, lash technicians aim to ensure their clients' utmost comfort. Just as a massage bed is crucial to the massage industry, lash beds play an essential role in providing a comfortable setting for lash treatments, especially during extended sessions.

When purchasing a lash bed, technicians should prioritise comfort and durability. Comfort is paramount for clients, while durability is crucial for long-term use, considering the frequent utilisation of this essential equipment.

Padding: Quality padding is the primary contributor to comfort in a lash bed. Opting for a lash bed with superior padding ensures it maintains its original form after each session. Our beauty bed range offers various options to suit every budget, reminding practitioners that a lash bed is an investment.

Sturdy Frame: A robust frame is essential for longevity and durability, especially with the regular use a lash bed undergoes. Metal or wooden frames tend to outlast plastic ones, ensuring reliability over time.

Portability: For mobile lash technicians, portability is key. It's essential to strike a balance between portability and durability when selecting a lash bed. Brands like REM and Affinity offer options that meet both durability and portability requirements.

Easy to Clean: Given the proximity of lash products to the client's face and the bed itself, it's crucial to choose an upholstery material that is easy to clean and maintain, considering the likelihood of glue and chemicals coming into contact with the bed.

Hydraulic or Electric: The choice between hydraulic and electric operation is a matter of personal preference. While hydraulic beds require more effort to adjust, electric beds offer convenience with the click of a button. However, electric beds may sacrifice portability. For those needing mobility, hydraulic beds are preferable, whereas electric beds are ideal for stationary settings like studios, spas, or salons.

Selecting a lash bed should involve careful consideration to meet all technician needs. Ensuring client comfort, durability, ease of cleaning, and portability are crucial factors. At Natural Living, our lash bed options start from £389.85, catering to every budget.


Looking to add some accessories to your lash bed purchase? Look no further. Here are our top 5 accessories that you need for your lash bed.

1. Lash Products - Looking for lash products? Explore the Hairwell product range. Find high-quality lash tint and lash kits, perfect for your clients and treatments - Hairwell Product Range

2. Lash Tint Brush - Searching for the perfect lash tool to apply your tint while your clients are relaxed and comfortable on your lash bed? Hairwell's Lash Tint Brush offers precision when applying tint to lashes and eyebrows - Hairwell Tint Brush

3. Beauty Tray - Being mobile and on the go is one aspect of offering treatments. Having your products and equipment mobile and easily accessible in your spa, salon, or studio is a great way to save time and ensure everything is within reach when needed. Explore our range of beauty trays to find the perfect fit to complement your lash bed - Beauty Trays

4. Saddle Stools - With every lash bed, a lash technician will need a place to sit for the duration of the treatment. Lash and eyebrow treatments can last from 30 minutes and up. Having a comfortable saddle stool is essential for you as the lash technician. Remember, your comfort is important too. Browse our Saddle Stool range to find a stool that complements your lash bed and meets all your requirements - Saddle Stools

5. Lash Bed Covers - Often referred to as a "couch cover," but with the same purpose and fits most lash beds. A couch cover adds an extra layer of protection to prevent damage to your lash bed from harmful chemicals or product stains, ensuring that your lash bed remains hygienic. Explore our range of washable and disposable couch covers - Couch Covers

There you have it, our top 5 recommended accessories to consider with your lash bed purchase: Lash Products, a Lash tint brush, a Beauty Tray, Saddle stools, and couch covers. Our collections offer various options suitable for every budget.