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Corporate Social Responsibility is about being aware of the impact our work has on people and the environment we work in and taking steps to reduce any negative effects. Natural Living has a corporate social responsibility to address social, economic and environmental challenges and encourage other companis to do the same.

What are we doing?

We are already working in environmentally friendly ways to reduce the impact we have on the environment, reduce waste and save energy:

  • We recycle everything we can, including paper, cardboard, plastics and old IT equipment
  • Our Hertford office is in an environmentally friendly, energy efficient building
  • We use non-toxic materials and manufacturing processes whenever possible
  • We are an equal opportunities employer
  • We run a carbon neautral website and utalise carbon off-setting
  • We support charities in UK and Asia
  • We are always looking for other ways we can build on this good practice

As with any company we can always do more to get things right. Getting feedback helps us to adapt and improve our corporate behaviour - we want to be the best corporate citizen we can.

Where issues or complaints are raised, our procedures for dealing with them are to acknowledge, explain and remedy the situation as soon as possible.