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Natural Living Pain Relief With Sissel

Utilising Sissel Products by Natural Living for Pain Relief Solutions

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle requires pain relief. Any kind of pain, whether it be basic aches and pains, joint issues, muscular discomfort, or persistent back pain, requires the search for effective and non-invasive pain treatment methods.

Discovering Pain Relief Solutions with Natural Living
Natural Living offers a range of products designed to help with and treat various pain-related issues. We'll highlight some of these state-of-the-art Sissel devices in this blog, highlighting their benefits and useful uses for pain relief.

1. The Sissel Serola Sacroiliac Belt for Supporting the Back and Joints

An easy-to-use, yet effective treatment for low back pain, sacroiliac pain, and joint instability.

Natural Living Sissel Serola Sarcoiliac Belt

It works by promoting ligamentous rebuilding, altering joint biomechanics, and assisting with myofascial recovery. According to the study, people with acute low back pain and sacroiliac discomfort—which may account for 90% of cases of low back pain—benefit most from this belt.

The belt also provides support for conditions like instability and hypermobility, which are common during and after pregnancy or in occupations that involve a lot of repetitive motion. It is made of breathable fabric, is ergonomically designed, and without any hard parts or buckles that can bother you. Available in multiple sizes, the Serola SI Belt is a multifunctional tool designed for pain management and prevention.

Shop the Sissel Serola Sacroiliac Belt here.

2. To Relax Your Muscles, Sissel Neck Relax

The SISSEL® Neck Relax is a multifunctional tool for massaging and relaxing the muscles in the neck.

Natural Living Sissel Neck Relax

It effectively mobilizes the thoracic vertebrae and massages the fascial soft tissues. This device is especially beneficial for those who suffer from stiff necks, which are often caused by prolonged sitting or poor posture.

Shop the Sissel Neck Relax here.

3. Cold Compression Pads from Sissel for Pain and Swelling Relief

Cold treatment is a well-known method for reducing pain and swelling, particularly in joints. To boost its effectiveness, Sissel's Cold Compression pads use pressure in addition to cold therapy.

Natural Living Sissel Elbow or Knee Cold Compression Therapy

These pads are ideal for reducing swelling and discomfort in the elbows or knees. Because they fit all body types, are easy to use, and stay cold for hours, they are a sensible option for immediate pain treatment.

Shop the Sissel Cold Compression Pads here.

4. Sissel Acupressure Mat for Overall Pain Management

By utilizing the age-old practice of acupressure, the SISSEL® Acupressure Mat provides a cutting-edge solution for back pain and tired muscles. This mat stimulates a large region by enhancing blood circulation and increasing the body's energy flow.

Natural Living Sissel Acupressur Mat

It is quite effective in relieving stiff muscles, lowering tension, and improving the quality of sleep. The mat's easy-to-use design and washable, recyclable material make it a great addition to any home for routine pain treatment.

Shop the Sissel Acupressure Mat here.

Sissel Products and Pain Gate Control Theory

Understanding the effectiveness of these Sissel products is made easier by grasping the Gate Control Theory of Pain. According to this theory, pain signals interact with "nerve gates" at the spinal cord level that can open or close, hence affecting the intensity of pain experienced.

Natural Living Pain Relief With Sissel

Products like the SISSEL® Acupressure Mat demonstrate how some pain signals conveyed by slower nerve fibres can be suppressed by activating other sensory nerve fibres. This explains why acupressure, massage, and associated therapies often result in pain relief.

Natural Living's Sissel product line offers innovative methods for pain relief and management. These goods, which include the Serola Sacroiliac Belt and the SISSEL® Acupressure Mat, are designed to provide all-natural, non-invasive pain relief. They take care of many needs, such as joint support, muscle relaxation, and general pain treatment. By incorporating these techniques into your everyday routine, you may take the initiative to control your pain and enhance your overall quality of life.

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