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Tattoo beds and tattoo chairs

Tattoo Beds and Chairs for Ultimate Comfort and Practicality

A tattoo bed plays a crucial role in enhancing the experience for both the artist and the client, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience. It's imperative to select a versatile tattoo bed that allows for height adjustment, as well as adjustments to the seat and leg angles, enabling optimal comfort and facilitating the artist's ability to deliver their best work.

Primarily used by tattoo artists and professional studios offering various services including tattoos and piercings, a tattoo bed is a cornerstone of any tattooing environment. At Natural Living, we offer a diverse range of top-quality tattoo beds, with our Hydraulic 4 Section, Electric 4 Section, Hydraulic 3 Section, and Electric 3 Section options being among the most recommended choices.

Investing in a high-quality bed not only ensures durability over many years but also prioritises comfort for both you and your clients, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience. With the right bed, even long tattoo sessions become significantly more enjoyable for both parties involved.

Quality is paramount when it comes to tattoo chairs, and our products boast a sturdy medical-grade frame capable of lifting 250kg, alongside comfort foam, hydraulic or electrical operation, and retractable castors. Hygienic upholstery is also a key consideration, and our selection features vinyl coverings that are easy to clean and washable. The top-quality vinyl upholstery material incorporates an additional anti-microbial additive, effectively preventing cross-infection. Additionally, these coverings are washable, fire retardant, and exhibit excellent wear and tear resistance. Personalisation options are available, allowing you to choose your preferred colour for your tattoo bed.

Developed in collaboration with a leading UK tattoo artist, our current selection of tattoo beds epitomises top quality and reliability. The Plinth Hydraulic 4 Section, Plinth Electric 4 Section, Plinth Hydraulic 3 Section, and Plinth Electric 3 Section tattoo beds offer a range of options, with prices ranging from £1927 to £2769. Trust Natural Living to provide you with premium-quality furniture that elevate your tattooing experience to new heights of comfort and excellence.

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