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5 Amazing Features of REM Barber Chairs

5 Amazing Features of REM Barber Chairs

The correct tools can make all the difference in the world of salon and barbering. When it comes to barber chair purchases, REM is a reliable brand that is well-known for its comfort, quality, and style. Let's look at five incredible characteristics of REM barber chairs that make them stand out and improve the salon experience.

Natural Living Amazing Features of REM Barber Chairs

1. Revolutionary Design

REM Barber Chairs feature inventive designs that seamlessly combine style and usefulness. They are painstakingly made with attention to detail. Each model has distinctive features that give individuality to any salon environment, whether you're drawn to the sleek sophistication of the REM Emperor Barber Chair or the nostalgic styling of the REM Voyager Barber Chair. REM chairs are made with the comfort and convenience of both the client and the stylist in mind. Features like fully reclining movements, shaving hooks, and adjustable headrests are just a few examples.

2. Extraordinary Comfort

When it comes to the salon experience, comfort is crucial, and REM Barber Chairs excel in this area. Featuring spring seating, adjustable headrests, and contoured cushioning, these chairs put the comfort of their clients first when grooming them. For instance, the REM Britannia Barber Chair has a reclining seat system. It lets customers unwind and rest while getting excellent care. REM Chairs provide consumers with unmatched comfort for the entirety of their appointment.

3. Modification Options

REM Barber Chairs provides a variety of customization options to assist you reach your goal of having your salon's look reflect your brand identity. You can tailor your chair to match the distinctive style of your salon, down to the fabric colours and stitching details. Furthermore, the REM Emperor Barber Chair goes above and beyond by providing customised logo embroidery. It enables you to design a branded experience that makes an impression on your customers.

4. Dependability and Durability

REM Barber Chairs are made to last, and salon furniture is an investment in the future success of your company. With their robust hydraulic bases and pumps, these chairs are built to last for many years without breaking down. You can be sure that, whether you choose the REM Voyager, Britannia, or Emperor Barber Chair, you're getting high-quality craftsmanship that will hold up against the demands of regular salon use.

5. Approved REM Sellers

In order to guarantee quality and authenticity, it is essential to purchase REM Barber Chairs from an authorised merchant. As an authorised REM reseller with almost 20 years of expertise, we offer direct access to REM's factory. We ensures quick delivery, assistance with sales, and after-sales care. Genuine REM Chairs and first-rate customer service are what you can count on us to deliver, whether you're outfitting a brand-new salon or updating your current setup.

More than just furniture for salons, REM chairs are a mark of excellence in comfort, design, and craftsmanship. REM Chairs offer outstanding comfort, unique designs, customization possibilities, durability, and the support of an authorised REM retailer. Investing in these chairs can enhance your salon experience and distinguish your business in the cutthroat world of grooming.

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on the REM Barber Chairs we’ve mentioned above:

REM Voyager Barber Chair

  • Classic Styling: The Voyager Barber Chair elevates any barbering atmosphere with its chic design and plush upholstery, which radiate classic charm.
  • Superb Comfort: The Voyager's fully reclining motion, movable headrest, and roomy chair guarantee that customers will be as comfortable as possible throughout grooming sessions.
  • Practical Features: This chair blends elegance and practicality with its heavy-duty hydraulic pump and base, shaving hook, towel rail, and white piping with stitching.
  • Customization Options: You may create a distinctive and welcoming environment for your clients by selecting from a variety of coloured fabrics that match the design of your salon.

Natural Living REM Voyager Barber Chair

REM Britannia Barber Chair

  • Classic Design: The Britannia Barber Chair exudes a timeless elegance and sophistication with its classic diamond-stitched fabric design.
  • Optimal Comfort: During grooming sessions, the Britannia prioritises the comfort and relaxation of its clients. It features a reclining seat system, an adjustable headrest, and contoured cushioning.
  • Customizable Options: To ensure a smooth integration into your interior design, pick from 24 different fabric colour options to match the aesthetic preferences of your salon.
  • Sturdy Design: The Britannia's robust hydraulic pump and base provide years of trouble-free operation, giving your salon durability and dependability.

Natural Living REM Britannia Barber Chair

REM Emperor Barber Chair

  • Luxurious Design: With its classic design and high-quality features, the Emperor Barber Chair is the pinnacle of luxury and retro charm, elevating the atmosphere of any barbershop.
  • Customization Options: You may create a branded salon experience by personalising the Emperor with your choice of REM fabrics and piping colours. You can also add optional personalised logo embroidery.
  • Enhanced Comfort: You can adjust The Emperor's completely reclining backrest, footrest, and headrest to provide utmost comfort during grooming sessions.
  • Practical Additions: The Emperor blends style and functionality to meet the various demands of contemporary barber shops. It features a robust hydraulic pump and base, along with a towel rail and strop hook.

Natural Living REM Emperor Barber Chair

To shop all our barber chairs, click here.


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