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Choosing the Right Barbers Chair For Your Business

Choosing the Right Barbers Chair For Your Business

The correct barber's chair could revolutionise the way you conduct business. Professionals utilising a barber's chair require it to meet the needs of both their customers and themselves. This entails providing comfort, accessibility, maneuverability, and stylish design.

Barber's chairs are utilised and appreciated by barbers, hairstylists, stylists, beauticians, tattoo artists, and many others. Selecting the appropriate barber's chairs can expand your services to encompass waxing, shampooing, facials, and much more.


Barbers Chairs


Among the diverse types and brands of barber's chairs available at Natural Living are the REM Emperor Barber Chairs, REM Voyager Barber Chairs, REM Britannia Barber Chairs, and REM Kingsman Barber Chairs.


Personalised Barbers Chairs

A single glance at your interior and furniture is all it takes for the customer to decide if you can indeed provide the desired haircut. We are a reputable supplier of top-grade, aesthetically pleasing REM barber's chairs. Whether you require a minimalist, aesthetically pleasing chair or one that can be personalised with your branding and unique style, we cater to all preferences. You are able to customise the fabric finish of the barbers chair and apply your logo embroidery to the chair. 

Barbers Chair for Sale

Features of Barbers Chair

Moreover, our barber's chairs are fully functional. They boast chrome frames for stability and a footrest for customer comfort. A hydraulic pump and blocking system facilitate easy height and rotation adjustment, while a side lever enables inclination and backrest adjustment for optimal comfort. Most models also offer easy maintenance.

Typically, barber's chairs are available in a variety of fabrics, with different colour choices and stitching details to suit your preferences, affording you the freedom to choose your desired look.

Barber's chairs are crafted with dependability and durability in mind, representing a significant investment in the future of your business. Rest assured, you will receive high-quality craftsmanship that will endure for a lifetime.

The various types and brands of barber's chairs available at Natural Living range from £1390 to £1680.

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