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massage table with face hole

Face Holes, Cradles, and Plugs for Massage Tables: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Face Holes, Cradles, and Plugs for Massage Tables

Massage tables serve as the cornerstone of comfort and relaxation for clients during massage therapy sessions. One crucial element of a massage table is its face hole, cradle, and plug. These will enhance the client's comfort and allow for a more enjoyable experience. In this guide, we'll delve into the different types and shapes of face holes, cradles, and plugs used on massage tables, along with their properties and benefits.

Understanding Face Holes, Cradles, and Plugs

Face holes, cradles, and plugs are essential components of massage tables designed to accommodate clients in a comfortable and ergonomic position during treatments. They provide support for the head and neck while allowing clients to lie face down without discomfort or strain. Let's explore the various options available and their respective properties.

1. Oval Face Holes

Oval face holes are a popular choice for massage tables due to their versatility and ergonomic design. These face holes feature a gentle curve that conforms to the shape of the client's face. It provides optimal support and comfort during treatments. The oval shape allows for greater flexibility in positioning, accommodating clients of different shapes and sizes with ease.

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Moreover, oval face holes are often padded or cushioned to enhance comfort and reduce pressure on the client's face. This padding helps prevent discomfort and marks on the skin, ensuring a pleasant experience throughout the massage session.

2. Rectangular Face Holes

Rectangular face holes offer a more traditional design compared to oval face holes. They feature straight edges and corners, providing a stable and secure platform for the client's face during treatments. Rectangular face holes are particularly suitable for clients who prefer a firmer surface or require additional support for the neck and shoulders.

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Additionally, rectangular face holes can be customized with adjustable pads or cushions to accommodate clients with varying preferences and comfort levels. This customization allows massage therapists to tailor the face hole to each client's individual needs. It ensures a personalized and enjoyable experience.


3. Contoured Face Cradles

Face cradles are attachments that fit into the face hole of a massage table. It provides additional support and comfort for the client's head and neck. Contoured face cradles feature a curved design that conforms to the natural contours of the face, offering superior comfort and alignment during treatments.


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The contoured shape of these face cradles helps alleviate pressure points and reduce strain on the client's neck and jaw, promoting relaxation and minimizing discomfort. Some contoured face cradles also feature adjustable angles. It allows clients to find the most comfortable position for their head and neck during the massage session.


4. Adjustable Face Cradles:

For maximum versatility and customisation, adjustable face cradles are an excellent option for massage tables. These cradles feature movable components that allow for easy adjustment of the height, angle, and position of the face support. These will ensure optimal comfort and alignment for each client.

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Adjustable face cradles are particularly beneficial for accommodating clients with specific needs or preferences, such as those with neck or spinal issues. By allowing precise adjustments, these cradles enable massage therapists to provide a tailored experience.

5. Face Hole Plugs:

Face hole plugs are accessories that fill the opening of the face hole when not in use, creating a flat surface on the massage table. These plugs help maintain the integrity of the table's surface. They also provide a seamless transition for clients transitioning between face-up and face-down positions during treatments.

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Additionally, face hole plugs can enhance the versatility of massage tables by allowing them to be used for other treatments or modalities that do not require a face hole. They come in various shapes and materials, including foam, vinyl, and memory foam, providing options to suit different preferences and needs.



Face holes, cradles, and plugs are essential components of massage tables. They contribute to the comfort, support, and overall experience of clients during treatments. By understanding the different types and shapes available, massage therapists can select options that meet the diverse needs and preferences of their clients, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable massage session every time. Whether opting for oval or rectangular face holes, contoured or adjustable cradles, or versatile face hole plugs, investing in high-quality accessories enhances the functionality and usability of massage tables, ultimately elevating the standard of care provided to clients.

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